Morphofunctional peculiarities of the arteries in general deep hypothermia


muscular type arteries
general deep hypothermia

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Elmezugi, F. M., Popadynets, O. H., Sobol, L. V., & Dubyna, N. M. (2016). Morphofunctional peculiarities of the arteries in general deep hypothermia. Galician Medical Journal, 23(3).


The aim of the work – is to study the dynamics of peculiarities of morphophunctional changes in structural elements of arteries’ walls of muscular type under the influence of the general deep hypothermia. There were used 20 white mature adult outbred rats weighing 160-180 g. Cooling was performed in accordance with the patented methods. Euthanasia of the rats was carried out by an overdose of ether anesthesia. Collection of the material was performed during the 7th, 14th and 30th days of post-hypothermic period. Pieces of humeral, femoral, renal, superior mesenteric arteries and celiac trunk were carried to paraffin blocks according to the conventional methods. With the help of sliding microtome there were received sections of 5-8 microns thick with subsequent staining with hematoxylin and eosin, fuchsin according to the Hart (identification of elastic fibers), trichrome staining according to Masson (identification of collagenous fibers), alcian blue after Stidman (definition of glycosaminoglycans). Ultrastructural study of the material was performed on the electron microscope PEM-125K. During the 7th day degenerative changes of the vascular wall structural components predominate, which during the 14th day are combined with compensatory-adaptive manifestations. During the 30th day after the action of general deep hypothermia there are expressed intracellular regenerative processes. The perspective is to study further changes which occur in the main arteries of elastic and mixed types at different terms of post-hypothermic period with the purpose to find ways of their prevention and correction, which is dictated by medical and social value of this problem.


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