Choice of Thyroid Nodules Treatment


nodular goiter
minimally invasive treatment technology

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Shidlovskyy, A. V. (2016). Choice of Thyroid Nodules Treatment. Galician Medical Journal, 23(3).


Introduction. Questions regarding indications and contraindications to the use of minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of various types of thyroid nodules remain still disputable.

The objective of the research was to analyse the results of minimally invasive technologies use in the treatment of thyroid nodules and develop the indications for their use.

Materials and methods. Results of treatment of 643 patients with thyroid nodules were analysed.

Results. Indications to separate use of minimally invasive techniques and cases where they should be combined were determined. The absence of harmful effects of laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy and sclerotherapy with 70 % ethanol on paranodular tissue was proven. High efficiency of laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy in the treatment of functional autonomy of thyroid nodules with gradual achievement of clinical and laboratory stable euthyroidism was observed.

Conclusions. When the indications to their use are observed, minimally invasive technologies result in the nodule replacement unit with the connective tissue in 98% of cases.


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