Methods of Diagnostic Laparoscopy


diagnostic laparoscopy
local anaesthesia

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Gonchar, M. G., Bogush, A. Y., & Pryymak, L. D. (2016). Methods of Diagnostic Laparoscopy. Galician Medical Journal, 23(3).


During the period of three years, 1,414 patients underwent laparoscopic surgery. 18 patients underwent diagnostic laparoscopy under local anaesthesia. All these patients in addition to the suspected pathology of the abdominal cavity were diagnosed with severe concomitant cardiopulmonary pathology including acute myocardial infarction, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, coma of various genesis, pneumonia. The proposed technique included a local anaesthesia around the navel, laparolifting, the insertion of a laparoscope and a short inspection (3-5 min) of the abdominal organs. Sometimes, especially in patients with hypertension, spinal or epidural anesthesia was used. While diagnosticating the pathology, if necessary, the anaesthesia was given, carboperitonium was applied and the necessary surgery was performed.


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