Analysis of Postoperative Complications In Urethrolithiasis Treatment Using Intracorporeal Ultrasonic Lithotripsy


ureteral calculi
ultrasound lithotripsy
early and late complications.

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Stetsyshyn, R. (2016). Analysis of Postoperative Complications In Urethrolithiasis Treatment Using Intracorporeal Ultrasonic Lithotripsy. Galician Medical Journal, 23(3).


The causes of early and late postoperative complications in patients with ureteral calculi during ultrasonic ureterolithotripsy performance were analyzed. 287 early and late postoperative complications of different severity were noted in 204 patients included into the study. During the bivariate analysis of complications causes, the interrelationship with localization in the upper and middle third of the ureter, the size of more than1 cmand a density of more than 1000 Hounsfield units was revealed.

Taking into account the high risk of failure and complications, intracorporeal ureterolithotripsy in patients with complicated ureteral calculi, a differentiated approach to the use of devices for the disintegration of the concretion, or other types of surgery should be used in this group of patients.


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