Features of the Dynamics of Infected and Septic Wounds Microcirculation in Children


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Spahiu, O. V., & Paholchuk, A. P. (2016). Features of the Dynamics of Infected and Septic Wounds Microcirculation in Children. Galician Medical Journal, 23(3). https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2016.3.32


Treatment of infected and septic wounds remains one of the most important problems of pediatric surgery. According to the authors, the wound process monitoring affects the treatment outcome not less than operative technique.

The objective of the research was to examine the dynamics of microcirculation of the infected and septic wounds in children.

Materials and methods. The analysis of the study of infected and septic wounds microcirculation in 178 children was performed. Blood flow laser analyzer (“LAKК-02” RPE “Lazma”, Russia) was used to study the blood flow in the wound area. Monitoring of wound healing process dynamics was conducted by studying the wound healing cytogram.

Results. On the first day the average parameter of microcirculation was markedly increased in the area of wound edges in comparison with the contralateral area. The subsequent study of a blood flow during 5 days showed that average value of microcirculation parameter in the wound area decreased by more than 2 times in comparison with the figures on the first day. Microcirculation parameters of in the wound area further decreased.

Conclusions. Dynamics of microcirculation changes in wound healing process significantly corresponds to cytogram of impression smears obtained from infected and septic wounds in children. Laser Doppler flowmetry is an effective method microcirculation control and minimally invasive diagnostic method of wound healing process.



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