recurrent miscarriage
pathology of implantation and placentation
chorionic villi

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Muntyan, O., & Bulavenko, O. (2018). SPECIAL ASPECTS OF MISCARRIAGE IN WOMEN WITH RECCURENT MISCARRIAGE. Galician Medical Journal, 25(1). https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2018.1.6


Missing pregnancy is a consequence of the simultaneous or sequential action of several factors. The main causes of miscarriage and spontaneous interruption of pregnancy include: genetic factors, endocrine disorders, immune and infectious factors, congenital and acquired diseases of female genital organs. In almost 50% of women, it is not impossible to determine the reason of miscarriage, so the question of early diagnosis and prevention of this condition is quite acute.

Materials and methods. In this study, we performed a pathohistological study of the deciduum in order to determine the etiological factor of the pathology of implantation of the embryo and placentation. The study included 88 women with a diagnosis of "recurrent miscarriage" that met the criteria for inclusion and exclusion.

Results of research. In the study group, the age of women was from 19 to 35 years old (mean age was 27.6±4.1 years old). The abortion was observed at differentst ages of pregnancy, more often during the period of 4-9 weeks of gestation (67 cases – 76.14%). According to the results of the histopathological study of decidouum lymphohistiocytic infiltration was revealed in the stroma of villi in 62 cases (70.45%), other changes were less common.

Conclusions and perspectives of further research. The obtained data indicate that the determination of the etiologic factor of miscarriage of the pregnancy, especially in women with a diagnosis "Reccurent miscarriage of obscure etiology", will allow to predict the development of the pathology of implantation and placentation in subsequent pregnancies.

Prospects for further research are to develop adequate preparation before pregnancy and prevention of the pathology of implantation and placentation.



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