Mechanism Development of Diabetic Microangiopathy and Opportunity of Diabetic Warning


tolerance of insulin
sugaring haemoglobin
diabetic angiopathy

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Genyk, S. M. (2018). Mechanism Development of Diabetic Microangiopathy and Opportunity of Diabetic Warning. Galician Medical Journal, 25(2).


Specific general defeat of arteriols, capillaries and veins at a diabet mellitus consists in the bulge of basale membrane of shallow vessels, laying of glycoproteins in a wall and proliferation of endothelium. A hyperglycaemia results in increasing of blood plasma, membranes and cages of level of free radicals on a background insufficiency of enzymes of the protective antioxidant system. Determination of the state insulin tolerance to the people with excessive body weight and obesity, by a hyperpiesis, problems with the lack of fats, by a gout and other endocrine diseases already on the stage of credible violation of carbohydrate exchange gives an opportunity in good time to conduct the correction of possible defeats of microvasculature toxic action of high concentration of glucose.


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