Thyroid Volume and Doppler Indices of the Inferior Thyroid Artery in Clinically Euthyroid Adults in Kashmir


peak systolic velocity
pulsatility index
resistivity index
inferior thyroid artery
thyroid function

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Salroo, I. N., Lone, N. A., & Bashir, M. (2018). Thyroid Volume and Doppler Indices of the Inferior Thyroid Artery in Clinically Euthyroid Adults in Kashmir. Galician Medical Journal, 25(3).


The objective of the research was to evaluate thyroid volume and spectral indices (the resistivity index, the pulsatility index and the peak systolic velocity) in normal euthyroid adults in Kashmir.

         Materials and methods. There was carried out a prospective observational study at a tertiary care hospital; 182 normal euthyroid adults (102 males and 80 females) were included in the study. Thyroid gland volume was calculated from grey-scale ultrasound images followed by spectral Doppler evaluation of the bilateral inferior thyroid arteries; the resistivity index, the pulsatility index and the peak systolic velocity were calculated for the bilateral inferior thyroid arteries with calculation of the mean values.

         Results. The mean thyroid volume was 7.8±1.9 ml with no significant difference in males and females. The mean peak systolic velocity obtained was 15.65±6.5 cm/s. The mean pulsatility index and resistivity index were 0.95±0.29 and 0.58±0.13, respectively. There was no significant difference in the values obtained among both genders, and no significant difference was seen in values of the right and left inferior thyroid arteries.

         Conclusions. The study showed no significant difference in the indices of thyroid volume and the inferior thyroid arteries measured by Doppler ultrasonography in euthyroid adult males and females. As thyroid vascularity is altered in many thyroid pathologies, the study will serve as the baseline for the evaluation of thyroid volume and Doppler parameters in patients with altered thyroid function.


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