Histomorphological Effects of Cottonseed Oil on Testes in Adult Male Wistar Rats


cottonseed oil

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Chris-Ozoko, L. E., Okpe, O., Iju, W. J., & Oyem, J. C. (2018). Histomorphological Effects of Cottonseed Oil on Testes in Adult Male Wistar Rats. Galician Medical Journal, 25(4). https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2018.4.2


Cottonseed oil is an extract from the seeds of cotton plant, that is rich in protein, carbohydrate and fiber.

         The objective of the research was to study the effect of cottonseed oil on the histology of the testis.

         Materials and methods. Twelve adult male Wistar rats weighing 200 – 250g, were randomly sorted into four groups (I - IV), each containing three animals. Cottonseed oil was administered orally to the experimental animals by means of an orogastric tube. The rats in Group I (the control group) received standard rat pellet and oral normal saline ad libitum only. The animals in Groups II, III, and IV received 0.2 ml, 0.6 ml and 1.0 ml of cotton seed oil per body weight respectively. On the 21st day, the animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation. The testes were excised and, then, fixed with appropriate fixatives for routine tissue processing.

         Results. The results revealed an increase in the luminal diameter of seminiferous tubules, a decrease in the Leydig cell population, the disorientation of spermatogenic series and their detachment from the germinal epithelium.

         Conclusions. The present study demonstrated that oral administration of cottonseed oil to male rats displayed a deleterious effect on their testis by disrupting spermatogenesis and the histological architecture of the testis.



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