Clinical Peculiarities of the Mixed-Invasion of Giardiasis and Ascariasis


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Protsyk, A. (2018). Clinical Peculiarities of the Mixed-Invasion of Giardiasis and Ascariasis. Galician Medical Journal, 25(4).


Intestinal parasitic diseases are widespread in the territory of almost the entire globe. Among them the most common are giardiasis and ascaridosis. In recent years, more and more cases of combined invasion by these organisms have been registered.

The objective of the research was to study the clinical peculiarities of the course of giardiasis and ascariasis in patients with combined invasion.

Materials in the methods. There were 42 patients under observation, who were divided into 3 groups. The first group (n=14) included patients with giardiasis, the second one (n=14) – patients with ascariasis, the third group (n=14) included patients with mixed infection of giardiasis and ascariasis.

Results. The main clinical syndromes in patients with giardiasis, ascariasis and patients with mixed invasion by both pathogens have been analyzed. In all groups of patients, the manifestations of dyspeptic syndrome were most frequent. Signs of an allergic syndrome were observed as a polymorphic rash on the skin. Data on astheno-neurotic and intoxication syndromes took place somewhat less frequently.

Conclusions. Clinical manifestations in patients with mycobacterial invasions of giardiasis and ascariasis were reported more frequently than in patients with monoinvasion, and more pronounced polymorphism was observed.


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