Formation of Structural Components of Masticatory Muscles in Postnatal Ontogenesis and Their Changes in Experimental Iodine Deficiency


hemomicrocirculatory bed
masticatory muscle
iodine deficiency

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Sagan, N. (2018). Formation of Structural Components of Masticatory Muscles in Postnatal Ontogenesis and Their Changes in Experimental Iodine Deficiency. Galician Medical Journal, 25(4).


Investigating the blood vessels of masticatory muscles, we have determined a structural age reorganization, which manifests itself in increasing the diameter of all parts of the arterial and venous bed. Also, with age (in mature animals) the number of capillaries per unit of the area and the number of capillaries, which supply with blood one muscular fiber that corresponds to the growth and muscular fibers development demands, increase. Histologically and submicroscopically, muscular fibers acquire a definitive structure. The percentage distribution of different types of fibers is changing: the amount of OGMF decreases with the simultaneous growth of GMF and the amount of OMF is almost unchanged, indicating the decrease of oxidative processes, and it is confirmed by a slight increase of the volumetric fraction of mitochondria in OMF and a moderate decrease of their part in other types of muscular fibers compared with a significant increase of the volumetric fraction of myofibrils.

Under the conditions of iodine deficiency, we have observed the changes in the diameter of the lumen of all parts of the arterial and venous bed: narrowing of the arterial and dilation of venous vessels. One can also note the thickening of the arterial wall due to the edema of all its membranes. These changes are more pronounced in the vessels of the masticatory muscles of the immature animals, which are confirmed by morphometric studies. Also the number of hemocapillaries decreases. Ultramiscoscopically, edema is also noted in the endothelial cells. During histological examination of muscular fibers there are changes in the quantitative composition of different types with a tendency to decrease the number of OGMF with simultaneous growth of GMF. Also, there is an increase of the cross-sectional area of all types of muscular fibers. During ultramicroscopic examination, the edematous changes of muscular fibers are also observed, especially in GMF. There is also an increase of the volumetric fraction of mitochondria and the volumetric fraction of myofibrils in muscular fibers, indicating the edematous changes in these structures and the strength of oxidative processes.


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