Reorganization of Intraorganic Blood Vessels of the Bladder in Experimental Diabetes Mellitus


urinary bladder
intraorganic blood vessels
streptozotocin diabetes

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Tokaryk, N., Yurakh, A., Pukach, I., Yurakh, H., & Dmytrenko, A. (2018). Reorganization of Intraorganic Blood Vessels of the Bladder in Experimental Diabetes Mellitus. Galician Medical Journal, 25(4).


Objective: To give histologic, morphometric and ultrastructural characteristics of intraorganic hemovessels of the urinary bladder of rats at the stages of streptozotocin diabetes.

Material and methods.

There were used 70 Wistar male rats; diabetes mellitus was modeled with streptozotocin (60 mg / kg of body weight); material was taken on 14, 28, 42, 56 and 70-th day of experiment; histological, morphometric and electron microscopic research was performed.


The microscopic, morphometric and ultrastructural peculiarities of transformation of intraorganic blood vessels of rats’ bladder during streptozotocin diabetes were detected.


1) the bladder diabetic microangiopathy is nonspecific process, the specificity of which is determined by the degree of expressiveness of vascular disorders which are characterized by these: a) the change of arteriolar vascular tone manifesting itself initially by dilatation, then by decrease of the lumen, then by secondary expansion; b) reconstruction of hemocapillar basal membrane, which becomes thicker 3.22-fold by the end of the experiment, disorganized and lamellar; c) blood rheological disturbances expressed in sludges in particular venules on the 14th day of experiment, on the 28th – in most venules, on the 42nd – also in capillaries, on the 56-70-th  generalized sludge syndrome of all bladder layers appears; 2) diabetic angiopathy is accompanied with swelling of different genesis: interstitial one increases till the 28th day of experiment, since the 42nd  it decreases; since the 42nd day plasma percolation of perivascular connective tissue increases; swelling of endotheliocytes appears on the 28-42th day of diabetes.


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