Mendeley as an integral tool in the arsenal of modern scientist


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Kotyk, T. (2016). Mendeley as an integral tool in the arsenal of modern scientist. Galician Medical Journal, 23(4), E201644.


This paper presents the possibilities of Mendeley – a reference manager and social network for researchers.

The key aspects of using this software as an effective reference manager as well as a tool for organizing full-text archive of publications and processing scientific sources when conducting research are highlighted. The possibilities of Mendeley as a social network, namely a means of communication and collaboration between researchers, sharing of reference database and search for new scientific publications are presented as well.

In general, Mendeley, due to its functionality, is an integral part of the scientific research carried out by students, scientists or laboratory research groups. The use of Mendeley by all members of the research project will allow them to effectively search for original sources and analyze them; to quickly create the reference list according to different styles; to follow other researchers in order to view relevant papers; to greatly enhance the quality of the research; to expand the potential readership of their publications.


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