Teaching of Pneumonia on a Cycle of Specialization “General Practice – Family Medicine”


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Sheyko, S., & Kolb, N. (2017). Teaching of Pneumonia on a Cycle of Specialization “General Practice – Family Medicine”. Galician Medical Journal, 24(1), E2017110. https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2017.1.10


Pneumonia remains an urgent medical and social problem. The urgency of this problem is not stressed by only the significant prevalence, but also by quite high rates of morbidity and mortality and significant economic losses due to this disease.

The purpose of work is to improve the quality of the training for interns – on the specialty “General Practice – Family Medicine” by improving the teaching of the topic “Pneumonia” and practical classes.

Discussion. Postgraduate education includes training of medical interns – general practitioners to work independently on primary health care. Great importance in the education of interns – general practitioners is given to the development of practical skills.

Conclusion. Further improvement of practical training of interns – general practitioners on the specialty “Pneumonia”, perfection of practical training of a doctor – is a complex process that requires not only organizational measures, improvement and specification of standardized clinical protocols, textbooks, but also continuous improvement of academic, medical diagnostic, educational work, materials and technical support of study.



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