An Evaluation of the Metabolic Profile in Total Thyroidectomy


total thyroidectomy
multinodular goitre
metabolic syndrome

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Zihni, I., Zihni, B., Karakose, O., Pülat, H., Ozcelik, K., Eken, H., Duran, A., & Uslu, A. (2017). An Evaluation of the Metabolic Profile in Total Thyroidectomy. Galician Medical Journal, 24(1), E201717.


Aim: To investigate the relationship between metabolic parameters and thyroid hormone changes which occur in patients treated with thyroid replacement therapy following total thyroidectomy.

Material and Method: The study comprised 30 patients who underwent total thyroidectomy. Evaluations were made preoperatively and after 6 and 12 months postoperatively. Body mass index was calculated by recording height and weight of all patients, waist size was measured, arterial blood pressure was measured with a sphyngomanometer on the right arm after 10 mins of rest. Peripheral blood samples were taken after 12-hour fasting for the evaluation of low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein, total cholesterol, triglyceride, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, thyroid stimulating hormone, free T3, free T4, C-reactive protein, and haemoglobin A1c values.

Results: In the postoperative 1-year follow-up, a significant increase was determined in total cholesterol, low-density protein and triglyceride levels, which are related to cardiovascular risk, but no significant change was determined in high density protein levels. In addition, a significant increase was determined in the postoperative trend of both systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressures compared to the preoperative values.

Conclusion: Although euthyroid was achieved with follow-up of thyroid functions in the patients who underwent bilateral total thyroidectomy, it was found that there could be changes in metabolic parameters. Therefore, with close monitoring of the metabolic profile of these patients, it can be recommended that lifestyle changes are made when medical intervention is insufficient.


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