Primary aggressive chondroblastoma of the tibia



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Badaoui, R., Elmaqrout, A., Boussaidan, M., Mekaoui, J., Boukhriss, J., Chafry, B., Benchaba, D., & Boussouga, M. (2020). Primary aggressive chondroblastoma of the tibia: a case report and review of the literature. Galician Medical Journal, 27(2), E202021.


Chondroblastoma is a primary bone tumor in children, adolescents and young adults, which accounts for 1% of all bone tumors. Epiphyseal or epiphysometaphyseal localization, this lesion usually develops from secondary ossification centers close to the knee, shoulder and hip. Although chondroblastoma is a nonaggressive benign tumor, it can very rarely show a locally aggressive character or a malignant transformation or even metastases. We describe a histologically proven case of an aggressive, primary chondroblastoma of the tibia invading soft tissue in a 22-year-old girl.


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