About Some Aspects of Teaching Foreign Students in the Discipline "History of Medicine"


History of Medicine
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Stytsiuk, N. (2020). About Some Aspects of Teaching Foreign Students in the Discipline "History of Medicine". Galician Medical Journal, 27(3), E202039. https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2020.3.9


The objective of the research was to study the opinion of the first-year students of the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University on some aspects of teaching the discipline "History of Medicine" to determine its areas for improvement.

Materials and methods. According to the author's program, a survey of 239 first-year students of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University was conducted. They came from 10 countries, studiyng the specialty "Medicine". The results of research were mainly categorical (qualitative) data. Therefore, calculation of each factor rates per 100 respondents, standard errors of rates, and Chi-Square Test (χ2) for comparing group differences have been used for statistical data analysis. The methods that have been mainly used are sociological, medical and statistical.

Results. The research found that the absolutely majority of students are from India (81.2%) and about 59.0% of respondents profess Hinduism (59.0%), but the shares of Muslims (21.3%) and Christians (17.6%) are also significant.There are 65.7% males vs. 34.3% of females among the respondents, which is obviously due to religious, cultural and national stereotypes of different countries (p < 0.001). The results of secondary education, with which foreign students entered university, were quite high. Almost 86.7% of surveyed first-year-students noted the high level of lectures on the subject "History of Medicine", pointing to their informativeness, accessibility, interesting and illustrative manner of presenting the material.

Conclusion. It was found that among foreign first-year students studying at the IFNMU, predominated males (65.7%), aged from 19 to 21 years of (62.3%), with a high basic level of secondary education (66.9%). It was also shown that 91.7% of respondents are satisfied with the level of teaching "History of Medicine" and manner of presentation lecture material (86.7%). 



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