Theoretical Justification of the Dermatoglyphics Use As Basic Identification Method
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Dermatoglyphic Parameters
Identification of an Unknown Person

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Dunayev, O., Gunas, I., Popadynets, O., Kozoviy, R., & Kindrativ, E. (2021). Theoretical Justification of the Dermatoglyphics Use As Basic Identification Method. Galician Medical Journal, 28(1), E202116.


The article analyzes the main literature sources providing a holistic view of the state and issues of studying the issue related to the possibility of using the dermatoglyphic research method for identification purpose; it is about external recognition, behavioral, psychological identification. The main directions of application of the dermatoglyphic method, providing the study of this issue, are highlighted. Problematic issues related to the areas of application of the dermatoglyphic method have been studied and further prospects for its study have been outlined.
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