Bifocal Tuberculosis with Adalimumab Revealed by Laryngeal Involvement: Case Report
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Bifocal Tuberculosis
Laryngeal Tuberculosis

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El Ouardi, N., Taoubane, L., Zegmout, A., Balouki, M., Sadni, S., & Achemlal, L. (2021). Bifocal Tuberculosis with Adalimumab Revealed by Laryngeal Involvement: Case Report. Galician Medical Journal, 28(1), E202117.


Introduction. Anti-TNF treatment has transformed the treatment of chronic inflammatory rheumatism. Although the therapy can be highly effective, anti-TNF drugs are associated with an increased risk of tuberculosis, especially extra-pulmonary tuberculosis.

Laryngeal tuberculosis is rare and its symptoms are not specific. Laryngeal tuberculosis is often secondary to another localization, particularly pulmonary. In the use of anti-TNF therapy, its development is unusual.

Case report. We report a case of bifocal tuberculosis: laryngeal and pulmonary tuberculosis revealed by laryngeal involvement in a patient aged 41 years with axial spondylarthritis treated with Adalimumab.

Conclusion. This presentation highlights the importance to consider the rare possibility of laryngeal tuberculosis in the presence of atypical otorhinolaryngologic signs under anti-TNF therapy and underlines the importance of looking for other tuberculosis involvement.
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