Learning or Memorization: Self-Directed Medical School Curriculum and the Dangers of Overemphasizing Student Selected Ancillary Resources
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Varkey, T. C., Merhavy, Z. I., Varkey, R. M. J., Ding, J. B., & Varkey, J. A. (2022). Learning or Memorization: Self-Directed Medical School Curriculum and the Dangers of Overemphasizing Student Selected Ancillary Resources. Galician Medical Journal, 29(1), E202211. https://doi.org/10.21802/gmj.2022.1.1


This article is a response to an opinion article, authored by Wu JH et al. and published in JAMA 2021, vol 326 (20) which suggested the that pre-clinical (first two) years of medical school curriculum should revolve around “high-yield” resources as the dominant teaching tool. The article posited that this highly controversial view was the best way to engage with students and was published in a well-read and utilized medical journal. Due to the growing divide between learning resources provided by medical schools and outside resources actually utilized by students, the conclusions drawn in the mentioned opinion article were understandable but interpreted in the wrong vein. Herein, the authors review landmark changes in medical education over the last century and the underpinning rationale to preface their examination of the suggested changes from the mentioned opinion article. The authors conclude with recommendations from a student perspective and a continuation of the last 100 years of advancements.

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