Nursing Care Satisfaction among Patients Infected with Covid-19: A Turkish Perspective
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Coronavirus Infections
Nursing Care
Patient Satisfaction

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Gündoğdu, H., Tanrıkulu, F., Erol, F., Koç, F., Yılmaz, D., & Dikmen, Y. (2022). Nursing Care Satisfaction among Patients Infected with Covid-19: A Turkish Perspective. Galician Medical Journal, 29(1), E202213.


The aim of this study was to determine the satisfaction with nursing care among patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and related factors.

Materials and Methods. The study was conducted between June and July 2020. The population of the study consisted of 102 patients treated in the Covid-19 clinics of the University Teaching and Research Hospital. The data were collected using the Newcastle Satisfaction with Nursing Care Scale with a total of 19 items, and the Patient Description Form designed to record the sociodemographic characteristics and medical histories. The data were evaluated using the program package IBM SPSS 20.0. To test the significance of the difference between two independent groups, the Student’s t-test was used, and the one-way ANOVA was used to test the significance of the difference between more than two groups.

Results. The results showed that most patients were satisfied with nursing care. A higher level of satisfaction was seen in patients treated in the Covid-19 intensive care units, those with chronic conditions, and those who received information about their health state from nurses. Patients’ family type, sharing fears and worries with nurses, getting information from nurses and the quality of nursing care were the variables significantly associated with patient satisfaction with nursing care.

Conclusions. Satisfaction with nursing care among Covid-19 patients was moderate. When nurses use effective communication skills to meet patients’ care needs, provide patients with adequate information, allow them to express their feelings, and keep them safe, this will further enhance patient satisfaction.
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