Saving Lives Under Fire: The Extraordinary Efforts of ICU Health Professionals in the Ukrainian War
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Ukrainian War
ICU Health Professionals
Limited Resources
Attacks on Medical Personnel
Mental Health

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Kalia, R., Kaur, C., Kaur, A., & Charan, G. S. (2023). Saving Lives Under Fire: The Extraordinary Efforts of ICU Health Professionals in the Ukrainian War. Galician Medical Journal, 30(2), E202322.


Amid the Ukrainian War, the heroes of the intensive care unit (ICU) - doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and many others - valiantly confront unprecedented challenges, showcasing resilience and dedication in the face of adversity. Despite limited resources and electricity backup issues, these health professionals worked tirelessly to provide life-saving care to critically ill patients, including those with gunshot wounds, shrapnel injuries, burns, and traumatic brain injuries. The article highlights the need to denounce attacks on medical personnel during conflicts, and strategies for supporting ICU health professionals in war zones are suggested, including hazard pay, comprehensive insurance coverage, safety training and equipment, support networks and mental health services, and ongoing education and professional development. The heroic efforts of ICU health professionals during times of war highlight the crucial role they play in healthcare systems worldwide.
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