Vol. 23 No. 3 (2016)

Research Article

D. M. Bidiuk, A. I. Furtak, A. M. Mykush
Rare Combinations of Late Complications of Acute Pancreatitis and Other Diseases
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I. Kopolovets, P. Berek, V. Sihotsky, M. Kubikova, N. Torma, P. Stefanic, M. Frankovicova
Differentiated approach to surgical treatment of atherosclerotic lesions of supra-aortic arteries
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V. V. Kravtsiv, V. O. Shidlovskyi, O. V. Shidlovskyi
Thyrotoxic Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure in Patients with Toxic Goiter. Changes after Surgery
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A. V. Shidlovskyy
Choice of Thyroid Nodules Treatment
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V. B. Davydenko, M. M. Mishyna, V. V. Myasoedov, Yu. V. Pashchenko, S. Yu. Shtyker, N. V. Davydenko, K. Yu. Pashchenko
A New Concept of Enhancing the Efficacy of Antimicrobial Therapy of Pyo-Inflammatory Diseases in Children
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Faradge Musbakh Elmezugi, O. H. Popadynets, L. V. Sobol, N. M. Dubyna
Morphofunctional peculiarities of the arteries in general deep hypothermia
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M G Gonchar, A Ye Bogush, L D Pryymak
Methods of Diagnostic Laparoscopy
Views 533 | Downloads 165
M G Gonchar, A Ye Bogush, N M Marushchak, N A Bogush
Laparoscopy in Elective and Emergency Surgery
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A F Grynchuk, F V. Grynchuk, I Yu Polianskiy
Prediction of Postoperative Complications in Acute Peritonitis
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A O Dvorakevych, A A Pereyaslov, Yu I Tkachyshyn
Laparoscopy in Management of Children with Small Bowel Obstruction
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N. Zheliba, S. Khimich, R. Chornopyshchuk, I. Oshovskyy, P. Shevnya
State of Nonspecific Host Defense in Patients with Pyoinflammatory Diseases of Soft Tissues and Its Correction by Photomodification
Views 585 | Downloads 172
R.V. Stetsyshyn
Analysis of Postoperative Complications In Urethrolithiasis Treatment Using Intracorporeal Ultrasonic Lithotripsy
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G. Petrenko, V. Syplyviy, D. Petrenko
Multidetector Computed Tomography Criteria of Operative Treatment of Diastasis Recti Abdominis
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M. G. Melnichenko, V. V. Antoniuk, L. P. Tkachenko
Method of Abdominal Cavity Postoperative Infiltrates Treatment in Children with Appendiceal Peritonitis
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M. G. Melnichenko, A. A. Kvashnina
Informativeness of phenotypic features of connective tissue dysplasia in children with peritoneal adhesions
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O. Slepov, M. Migur, V. Soroka
Associated Malformations and Mortality in Newborns with Congenital Small Intestine Obstruction
Views 773 | Downloads 178
Rostyslav Vasyliovych Sabadosh
Damage to Cranial Extension of the Small Saphenous Vein and Vein of Giacomini in Lower Limb Varicose Vein Disease
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Sofiia Genyk
Assessment of Vestibular Function in Case of Labyrinthopathy
Views 699 | Downloads 245
Oleksandr Fofanov, Oleg Matiyash, Vyacheslav Fofanov, Oleg Kurtash, Igor Krasivs'kij, Ivan Didukh
Modern Methods of Preventing Recurrent Adhesive Intestinal Obstruction in Children
Views 672 | Downloads 467
I. I. Dutka, F. V. Grynchuk
Determination of the Risk of Recurrent Gastroduodenal Ulcer Bleeding
Views 484 | Downloads 152
T G Fetsych, A P Revura
Efficacy of Surgical Treatment of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Patients with Colorectal Cancer
Views 558 | Downloads 252
A A Pereyaslov, A O Dvorakevych, O M Nykyforuk
Laparoscopy in the Treatment of Children with Intussusception
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A O Hryhorova
Periodontal Tissues State and Psychophysiological Addiction: the Effectiveness of Treatment and Rehabilitation Complexes in Patients with Maxillofacial Area Injuries and Diseases
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O K Slepov, I Y Gordienko, V P Soroka, O P Gladyshko, O P Ponomarenko
Impact of the Mode of Delivery on Gastroschisis Anatomical Features in the Newborn Children
Views 779 | Downloads 213
Viktoria Anatoliivna Gryb, Ivan Ivanovych Titov, Galyna Stepanivna Chmyr, Galyna Ivanivna Khlibeychuk
Experience of Using Amantadine Sulfate (PK-Merz) in Patients with Ischemic Stroke
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L. O. Smolina
Early Knee Osteoarthritis: Assessment of the Severity in Age-Sex Groups of Patients at Stages of Clinical Monitoring. Stage I: Characteristics of Differentiation Therapy Groups
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O. V. Spahiu, A. P. Paholchuk
Features of the Dynamics of Infected and Septic Wounds Microcirculation in Children
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Roman Kohan, Volodymyr Goshchynsky
Ways of Improvement of Safety and Efficiency of Endovenous Laser Coagulation in Treatment of Lower Limb Varicose Vein Disease
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I. M. Deykalo, O. V. Shidlovsky, Ya. Ya. Bodnar, T. V. Bodnar
Application of LigaSure Technology in Thyroid Surgery
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M I Grytsenko, Ye M Grytsenko
A 30-Year Experience in Treatment of Intestinal Intussusception in Children by Own Technique
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Serhiy I Savolyuk, Maksim A Gudz, Andriy A Zhmur
Changes of the Immune Status in Patients with Purulent Peritonitis
Views 468 | Downloads 153
A. Ye. Kovalenko, Yu. M. Tarashchenko
Post-Chornobyl Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
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O. M. Makarchuk, Abdulrakhman Abdulbaset Moslem
Characteristics of Uterine Hyperplastic Processes in Women with Obesity
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A. I. Vytryhovskyy
Features of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease According to the SCORE Charts in the Presence of Heart Rate Turbulence
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I. V. Melnyk
Comprehensive Treatment of Patients with Constricted Hernias and Metabolic Syndrome Signs
Views 546 | Downloads 178
Sergey V Sander
Impact of Muscular Arteries State on the Results of Surgical Treatment of Lower Limb Obliterating Atherosclerosis
Views 550 | Downloads 217
H. M. Havrylyuk, O. M. Makarchuk
Specific Aspects of Life Quality Estimation and Ways of Rehabilitation in Women Who Underwent Uterine Surgery
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N. O. Dziuba, A. M. Sergienko
New Pathogenetic-Oriented Method of Treatment of the Dry Form of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
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Hanna O Palahniuk
Ratio of Endothelin-1 and C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Concentrations in Men with Hypertensive Disease of Different Severity. The Regulatory Role of Polymorphism of the Endothelin-1 Gene
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Іuliia P Pashkova
Variants of SNPs – the Brain Natriuretic Peptide Gene Polymorphism and Appropriate Structural and Functional Parameters of the Myocardial State in Men with Essential Hypertension and Chronic Heart Failure Living in Podillia Region
Views 572 | Downloads 219
M. I. Sheremet, V. O. Shidlovskyy, L. P. Sydorchuk, R. I. Sydorchuk
Caspase-3 and Caspase-8 in Patients with Nodular Goiter and Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Views 516 | Downloads 265
V. V. Maksymyuk, I. Yu. Polyansky, V. V. Tarabanchuk, L. M. Haruk
Some Genetic Aspects of Acute Pancreatitis
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V. D. Skrypko, O. I. Deltsova, A. O. Klymenko, M. H. Gonchar, P. I. Sheviak
The Use of Antihypoxant and Antioxidant Therapy in Comprehensive Treatment of Acute Small Intestinal Obstruction
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Case Reports

Abdelmoughit Echchaoui, Ghattas Daoud
Axillary Accessory Breast Tissue Mimicking Lipoma
Views 1358 | Downloads 1619
Bohdan Vasylovych Krysa
Prevention of Complications of Endovenous Laser Treatment
Views 568 | Downloads 232
V P Vivcharuk, Yu V Pashchenko
Therapeutic Strategy in Case of Hemangiomas in Children
Views 552 | Downloads 165
O. Fofanov, O. Borys, R. Nykyforuk, V. Fofanov, I. Krasivs'kij
Experience of Diagnosis and Treatment of Intussusception in Children
Views 600 | Downloads 483
O. K. Slepov, V. P. Soroka, M. Y. Migur, S. I. Kurinnyi, G. V. Golopapa
Cystic Duplication of Ileum Causing Intestinal Obstruction in a Newborn Child
Views 544 | Downloads 329
M D Kucher, L S Bilianskyi, M I Kryvoruk, F H Tkachenko, A I Stelmakh
Laparoscopic Proctocolectomy for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease of the Large Intestine: Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes of 53 Cases
Views 530 | Downloads 227
Vasyl Mykhailovych Krysa, Bohdan Vasylovych Krysa
Selection of Treatment Techniques for Lower Extremity Varicose Vein Disease
Views 625 | Downloads 329
Gordiy Olegovych Rybchynsky
Some Aspects of Management of Patients with Defective Scars of Breast with Chronic Inflammatory Fibrocystic Mastopathy and Sector Resections In Anamnesis
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O. Kulyk, H. Kurylo, O. Nykyforuk, D. Hrytsak
Our Experience in Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Biliary Atresia
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