Vol. 25 No. 4 (2018)

Research Article

Mykola Osyrovskyy, Mariana Olegivna Kulynych-Miskiv, Iryna Savelikhina, Valentina Goncharuk, Ksenia Ostrovska
The influence of basic treatment with tiotropium bromide of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease stage II on the morpho-functional state of bronchial mucosa and the level of type IV collagen in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid.
Abstract views: 406 | Downloads: 295
Lilian Ebele Chris-Ozoko, Prof, Onome Okpe, Wilson Josiah Iju, John Chukwuma Oyem
Histomorphological Effects of Cottonseed Oil on Testes in Adult Male Wistar Rats
Abstract views: 316 | Downloads: 270
Tetiana Pavliuk, Mykola Rozhko
The Analysis of Some Indicators of Oxidative Student’s Stress with An Initial-i Stage of Generalized Periodontitis
Abstract views: 235 | Downloads: 256
Omar Mourafiq, Youssef Benyias, Hicham Benomar, Valery Kamenan, Jalal Boukhriss, Bouchaib Chefry, Ahmed Salim Bouabid, Driss Bencheba, Moustapha Boussouga
Interest of Surgical Treatment of Per-Trochanteric Fractures by Gamma Nail: About 100 Cases
Abstract views: 228 | Downloads: 241
Khrystyna Oleksyn, Mykola Rozhko
Use of Modern Methods of Diagnostic of Occlusal Disorders in Patients with Carious Disease
Abstract views: 222 | Downloads: 211
Galyna Mateyko, Maryana Matvisiv
Course of HBV-infection in HIV-infected and HIV-non-infected Pregnant women
Abstract views: 228 | Downloads: 225
Nazar Sagan
Formation of Structural Components of Masticatory Muscles in Postnatal Ontogenesis and Their Changes in Experimental Iodine Deficiency
Abstract views: 260 | Downloads: 205
Andrii Protsyk
Clinical Peculiarities of the Mixed-Invasion of Giardiasis and Ascariasis
Abstract views: 229 | Downloads: 214
Tetiana Vivcharenko, Mykola Rozhko
Changes in the Dynamics of Treating Patients with Generalized Periodontitis and Hypertension Depending on the Method of Treatment
Abstract views: 327 | Downloads: 328
Nadia Tokaryk, Andriy Yurakh, Ilona Pukach, Halyna Yurakh, Anatoliy Dmytrenko
Reorganization of Intraorganic Blood Vessels of the Bladder in Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
Abstract views: 262 | Downloads: 220
Vadim Ratchik, Oleksandr Babii, Natalia Prolom, Boris Shevchenko
Diagnostics and Minimally Invasive Surgery for Achalasia Cardia
Abstract views: 340 | Downloads: 268
Oleksandr Bulbuk, Associate Professor, Olena Bulbuk, Mykola Rozhko, Prof.
The Method of Diagnosis and Systematization Defects of Dental Hard Tissues
Abstract views: 319 | Downloads: 258