Publisher's Policies

Publication Ethics Statement

Authors wishing to publish their papers are asked to abide to the following rules:

  • Authorship and authors' contributions to the paper need to be fully and accurately disclosed.
  • Any facts that might be perceived as a possible conflict of interest of the author(s) need to be disclosed in the paper prior to submission.
  • All funding of the research needs to be precisely disclosed.
  • Authors should accurately present their research findings and include an objective discussion of the significance of their findings.
  • Data and methods used in the research need to be presented in sufficient detail in the paper, so that other researchers can replicate the work.
  • Plagiarism, data fabrication and image manipulation are not tolerated. Simultaneous submission of manuscripts to more than one journal is not tolerated.
  • Republishing content is not tolerated (including an English translation of a paper that is already published in another language is not tolerated).
  • If errors and inaccuracies are found by the authors after publication of their paper, those need to be promptly communicated to the editors of this journal, so that editors can issue a correction, updates or retraction of the paper.

Editors and editorial staff:

  • Editors are required to adhere to COPE Guidelines, ICMJE Recommendations and best practices in scholarly publishing.
  • Editorial independence is ensured. Publisher and Owner, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, declare editorial independence of published journals and do not influence the peer-review and editorial decision-making processes. 
  • Editors are required to mediate communication between authors and peer-reviewers during the peer-review stage. Editors may appoint additional reviewers if it is necessary for final decision.
  • Editors may suggest the reference sources if this recommendation is neutral and crucial for submitted manuscript, and sources are relevant and up-to-date.
  • Editors may request the raw (primary) data of submitted manuscript. However, editors should preserve confidentiality of such data as it may potentially include personal sensitive data.
  • If editor has any competing interest (or editor is a (co)-author or made any contribution), they should not take part in the editorial process (assessing the manuscript at the pre-review stage, appointing reviewers, making editorial decision). In this case, handling of manuscript should be delegated to another member of the editorial team or guest editor should be involved.
  • Editors should manage conflicts of interest. It includes handling conflict of interest and requesting disclosure of reviewers' conflict of interest, if any.


Authors should clearly declare their current affiliation (for research article) or institution where the research was performed.
If author hasn't current institutional affiliation, current healthcare unit (for non-research article) or independent status should be stated.


Authors must avoid plagiarism. Any data, illustrations, materials, ideas, text taken from any materials should be cited.

Plagiarism includes direct copying text, with/without paraphrasing from a source without proper citation, self-plagiarism (reuse your own work, including its translation; salami-publication), patchwork plagiarism.

Editorial Teams of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University use Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate.

Each manuscript is checked for plagiarism before peer-review stage. Editors may resubmit manuscript for similarity check at any peer-review or production stage if it will be required.

Similarity check report is analyzing individually for each manuscript with using COPE flowcharts if applicable. If plagiarism/self-plagiarism will be found authors will be informed.

Overlapping can be not considered as plagiarism in methods section if methods description are common for such kind of research.

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Peer Review Process

The manuscripts submitted to editorial office of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University will be reviewed for possible publication for the understanding that they have not been published previously, simultaneously submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Once a manuscript is submitted, the manuscript is assessed by Editor for originality of work, serious scientific drawbacks and plagiarism. Editors adhere to COPE guidelines while dealing with issues of plagiarism. Then manuscript is reviewed by independent reviewers who will give the necessary recommendations according to which the article is published unaltered or is sent back to the author for corrections as advised by the reviewers, or rejected. The author is informed about decision.

Editors review peer review practices periodically to see if improvement is possible; provide appropriate peer reviewers training, inform them of the latest guidelines, recommendations, technological advances and actual data in peer review.

When appointing reviewers, editors require them to disclose any potential competing interests before agreeing to review a submission. After that, editors provide the appointed reviewers with access to all the materials that may be relevant to the manuscript evaluation. If necessary, at the reviewers’ request, editors request a statistical analysis of trial data from the authors.

Appointing of the reviewers is at the decision of the Editor. However, authors should disclose conflict of interest with potential reviewers if any (Cover Letter or “Comments for the Editor” field). 

Research Ethics Policy

All research, submitted for consideration for possible publication, must have been conducted according to ethical principles stated in international and local guidelines.

Authors, submitting manuscript to journals of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, should indicate whether the research on human subjects were conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional and national) and according to WMA DECLARATION OF HELSINKI – ETHICAL PRINCIPLES FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH INVOLVING HUMAN SUBJECTS.

While authors report research experiments on animals, it should be decleared whether the research were performed according to the institutional and national guide for the care and use of laboratory animals and Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals.

This information should be indicated in "Title page" file and/or the text of manuscript.

Complaints Process

If author wishes to appeal to editor decision, please contact with us and state evidence in response to editor decision.

Official email of editorial teams:

  1. Galician Medical Journal -
  2. Archive of Clinical Medicine -
  3. Support contact: Taras Kotyk -

Alternative email:

In case of disagree with reviewer comments, it is required to provide evidence and/or information in response to comments via opening discussion at peer-review stage.

Where author wish to comment on aspects of the editorial management please email the support contact (Taras Kotyk,

Corrections, retractions and updates to published articles

If it is necessary to make a change to the published article, it will be done after careful consideration by the Editor in accordance with Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidance “Post-publication discussions and corrections”.

The readers will be fully informed about any necessary changes with a post-publication notice (permanently linked to the original article, free to access) in the form of a Correction notice, a Retraction, an Editorial Expressions of Concern or, in rare cases, a Removal.

In rare cases, editorial team may consider possibility of article removal if article's content contains any defamatory and/or violets the legal rights of study participant.

Advertising policy

At present, Publishing House of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University and editorial teams refuse any advertisement.

Submission and Article-processing Charges

The publication costs are covered by Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University at present, so authors do not need to pay any charges.